Monthly Broadcasts

You are here because you are interested in our monthly broadcasts currently viewed over Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Vimeo.  As a monthly broadcaster, you are providing TGGTV with a 30-minute show that will air on the same week each month.  Your broadcast cost is $45 per month (the equivalent of one show) -- less any production cost provided by The Gospel Grid Production Team if you are using our production services.

You will upload your broadcast to your TGGTV folder that will be assigned to you in Google Drive. 


The broadcast:

1. Should be no more than 30 minutes

2. Recorded in 1080p (no 4K at this time please)

3. 30-second frame

4. Rendered in MP4

5. Compressed in Handbrake before submission

6. Should not contain hyperlinks, e.g. http: or https:

7. Should list your sponsors at the end of your broadcast but you
    can mention them during your show if desired


Sample Broadcast

The sample broadcast below was shot totally with Apple products (iPhone & iPad).  There is no immediate need to purchase bulky equipment and sit through hours of tutorials; nor is there a reason delay opting in on this broadcasting opportunity.  We are not suggesting this will be a cake walk, but having current Apple or Android devices can be half of the battle!    We are here to help you develop your TV Ministry.  Take a look at the sample video below and let's talk.


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Setup Fee

There is a required one-time non-refundable Setup Fee of $60.  The Setup Fee will reserve your slot and cover your Standardized TGGTV Marketing Kit that includes a professional broadcast intro, electronic flyer to announce broadcast via social media & email, and the creation of your Gospel Grid Directory Listing.   


Click below to pay your setup fee now.


All broadcasts are pre-paid and due the third Tuesday of each month.   

It is essential that all broadcasts are submitted by the weekly due date to retain your kickstart membership rate, to ensure rotation placement, and for accurate broadcast information for the TGGTV Monthly Viewers Guide.

(Automatic payments are available.)

Standardize Marketing Samples

You will receive 4 promotional items from us to start building and maintaining your base.  You will find samples of them below.  These items can be shared with your current base, encouraging them to share them via their social media accounts, emails, and text messaging.​



You will receive a personalized eCard similar to the one below as pre-promotion to be distributed via social media, email & text messaging.  We suggest you run promo items no less than 15 times.

Coming Soon - Roland.jpg

Promo Video

Your promo video will consist of your broadcast intro video, concluding with your eCard.  We suggest you run promo items no less than 15 times.


Promotional eCard

You will receive a permanent promotional email to be distributed via email, social media, and text messaging.  This eCard should replace the pre-promotional eCard and be uploaded once you see your new weekly broadcast in rotation. 



 As part of your standardize marketing kit, you will receive a professional intro video similar to the sample below.

If you would like to submit a sample show for broadcast consideration, send a link of the broadcast to:
Type "
Sample Consideration" in the subject line.